Friday, December 27, 2013


Well....I didn't quite reach my goal of one new thing a week in 2013! However, I did make it to week 31 which is pretty good!  Here it is...

A sweet little fabric stamp!  This went on the envelope for the parents of a friend's new baby grandson.  So much fun to make.  Tutorial found here! most favourite thing of my 31 new things was definitely the flourless chocolate cake (see this post)! This cake was so delicious and so easy! I think it's one of the best things I have ever baked.  Give it a try!!! I promise you won't be disappointed.
I also managed to get in a little fabric shopping today.  I got these sweet pillowcase kits from my LQS for 50% off!

One for me and one for my husband.  These are for next year.  Hopefully I won't put them away and forget about them (wouldn't be the first time)!
I also picked up these great prints...
Don't you love the animal print?!  I couldn't resist it!
All in all, I think I had a pretty productive 2013! I hope you did too! Looking forward to 2014!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I do!  In fact, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trimming stray threads. Especially on something like this...

It's something I usually do in the evening when I'm too tired after a full day of work to do anything else! I use a lot of white in my quilts and don't like the idea of a wayward coloured piece of thread showing through the white fabric after the quilt is finished. I even find myself a little obsessed at times!
Here's a picture of the finished quilt...

I love star quilts but find making them a little monotonous!  Looking at the end result though, I think it's worth it. This is probably my last finish of 2013.  I didn't keep track of how many quilts I made this year...maybe around 20 or so. I think this one did me in for a while!

Friday, November 15, 2013


Okay...I know I said a while ago that I never use the same quilt pattern twice!  There are exceptions to every rule, though, right? And this is one of them!

I just can't get enough of these granny squares!  I just love them...and I love making them! I think my favourite part is picking out the colour combinations.  For this one I used my vintage feed sack fabrics and Kona snow for the sashing!  I believe this is granny square quilt number three (with more to come)!
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Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


My new thing this week was to try QAYG (Quilt As You Go for my non-quilting readers)! I was a little pressed for time but managed to finish this bib!

I threw it together pretty quickly without paying much attention to my fabric choices but it turned out quite cute in the end! I enjoyed the QAYG process and want to give this another go when I have more time!
In quilting news, here's a little peak of a recent almost finish...
 I`m so addicted to these granny square blocks! This is my third quilt using them! I think choosing the colour combinations is my favourite part.  Quilting them is a bit of a challenge though because of all those bias edges. For this quilt I dug into my growing collection of 1930s vintage repro fabrics!  This one is a baby quilt but I think I need to make one of these for myself!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Hurray!  Another finish!  It feels soooo good to finish up some of these older projects.  I had purchased this fabric quite a while ago and made a quilt which sold in my shop!  I put the rest of it away waiting for just the right pattern!  In the end I chose a simple 3-patch (not sure if that's the correct term, but that's what I call it)!

This is Bella Butterfly by Michael Miller! Isn't it pretty! It's so soft and sweet.  I may list this in my shop or hang onto it for myself the Dunbar Craft Fair next month! Hope to see some of you local Vancouver quilters there! This craft fair has long been considered to be the best one in Vancouver. I've shared a table there with my SIL for quite a few years and it's always a fun day!
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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm back with something new for this week. Now, obviously, I've fallen quite far behind with 52 new things in 2013, but I'm going to see how many more I can do by the end of the year!  This week it's another quilting project!  Stippling on minky!  Here's the result...

A sweet little wholecloth quilt backed with minky. I've been wanting to try this for ages. My first attempt was a disaster.  I think I must have stretched the minky too much when I was basting the quilt. This time, I carefully taped the minky to the floor being careful not to stretch it.  I was advised to use spray basting as well as pins but discovered that my can of 505 had dried up.  (Jeez that stuff is expensive - the price sticker on the can says $16.95. I had bought it quite a while ago and forgot how pricey it is.) Anyway, I decided to give it a go with just pins! I also used a very thin polyester batting instead of the usual cotton/poly mix that I normally use.  I stuck with my regular Aurifil thread and used an 80/12 Organ needle. (If you haven't tried Organ needles, I highly recommend them, especially for FMQ.) I guess the quilting fairies were with me because I didn't have one problem - no thread breakage and no tucks in the minky at all! I did find the FMQ a little more difficult - it doesn't seem to slide over the machine as easily as cotton and it's a little more bulky to work with but otherwise there were no issues!  I rounded the corners on this quilt and attached the bias binding to the back of the quilt and machine sewed it down from the front side. Definitely not perfect but I like the security of machine sewn binding.  I'll definitely be making more of these little wholecloth quilts backed with minky!
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Have you ever started making a quilt completely unsure how it will turn out? Me?  Never!!! (Kidding!) This was the case with this quilt...

I found myself with one Googlies fat quarter with no idea what to do with it!  I was about to cut it up for bibs, but then had a brainstorm - Road Trip! I managed to find quite a few coordinating prints from my somewhat limited stash and whipped up this quilt in pretty short order! I rarely make multiple quilts from the same pattern, but I'm a huge fan of the Road Trip quilt pattern and have made several (a huge thanks to Allison for such a great pattern and tutorial)! Anyway, this quilt has turned about to be one of my all-time favourites!
 I also quickly put this scaled down version together...
Same pattern but the pieces were cut slightly smaller!  This one finished at about 32 x 26 inches. I know I promised no more tops (see previous post) but old habits die hard don't they!
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Sunday, September 22, 2013


How does this happen?  Well...actually, I do know how it happens! Oh, it's so much fun starting a new quilt, isn't it!!! The ideas come faster than I can get things finished!  As I'm working on one quilt, I'm busy thinking about the next one.  Can anyone relate? I remember several years ago when I belonged to my local quilt guild, a lady there mentioned she had about 200 quilt tops. I'm sure my jaw dropped to the ground and I had to stifle a gasp. Now, I know I don't have anywhere NEAR 200 quilt tops, but I am beginning to amass a nice little pile! I actually have backs for most of these so I don't really have any excuses for not finishing them.  The next two weeks are going to be devoted to getting this pile done (as soon as I finish a few more tops)! Just kidding!

Friday, September 13, 2013


I didn't realize how long it's been since my last post!  Anyway, I'm back...with a finished quilt which feels great!  I had bought a little bundle of Chum Chum Bear ages a while ago and made a sweet little hourglass quilt which I sold last year at a craft fair.  I've been hanging onto the rest of it until I decided what to do with it.  Here's what I ended up with....
I started this with no real plan but I love how it turned out!  I used up pretty much most of my fabric and I was sad to see it go.  This might be headed to my shop...if I can bear to part with it!
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Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 9, 2013


After spending tons a bit of time staring at my bundle of Lucy's Crab Shack, I finally came up with a plan!  I spent ages looking for the perfect pattern, searching Google and Pinterest, and looking through old quilt magazines trying to find a pattern that would show off these adorable prints without cutting them up too small or turning them in all different directions! Here's what I finally came up with...

I'm really loving how this turned out. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that you can actually see the prints! This little top measures about 36 x 40 inches. If anyone is interested, I used three sizes of rectangles - one 4.25 x 7, one 3.25 x 7, and one 2.25 x 7 (finished size) and made five columns of 20 blocks.  Now, the only problem is...I have no idea how I'm going to quilt it.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Friday, July 26, 2013


Just pulled this little wholecloth quilt out of the dryer...
This print is so cute - I can't remember the name of it but I bought it at Joann's a few months ago!  Love making these little quilts - they come together quickly and they're a great way to practice FMQ!
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Monday, July 22, 2013


Furniture refinishing! 
This adorable little bench was living in my dad's basement - in fact, he kept the laundry detergent on it! I decided it needed a new home (with me).  It's in pretty rough shape - it looks like it's had at least three or four coats of paint and it's a little banged up, but I love it!  My dad remembers it being in his mother's house as far back as the 1930s, but he's not sure where it came from or who made it. I think it's adorable and it's going to have a new home in my sewing room after it's had a nice coat of robin's egg blue!  In an effort to be environmentally friendly, I purchased non-toxic paint stripper!  It took a lot of time and effort on the part of my husband to get the paint off. We finally got it down to the bare wood and it's ready for a good sanding and a few coats of paint!  Can't wait to see how it looks in my sewing room!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Just pulled this little quilt out of the dryer all nice and crinkly!
I'm crazy about making mini granny square blocks! I love deciding on the colour combinations and surprisingly really enjoy the precision piecing when putting these blocks together. I see many more of these in my quilting future!  Got to start using up some of my scraps!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm so excited to show you these little vintage items I found while on our trip to Osoyoos! I have slowly been adding items to my sewing room and I'm always on the lookout for anything vintage-y!

The first is this adorable tablecloth...

The tag says it was made in 1940! It's in beautiful condition with only a tiny very faint stain - it was obviously well taken care of! It measures about three feet square with applique and embroidery in each corner!  I especially love this little cottage and the crocheted trim.

I also found this at the same shop in Osoyoos...

I couldn't resist this turquoise Ball canning jar!  The colour doesn't show well in this photo, but it is beautiful.

I was so inspired by my little finds, we stopped on our way home at Hamel's Fabrics, and I picked out these...

Hamel's is about an hour and a half away from home so I don't get a chance to go there too often.  They have an amazing selection of fabric and notions including TONS of pre-cuts! I'm definitely on a feedsack kick right now! Can't wait to get these washed and ironed so I can cut into them! Want to get back to my EPP and baby scrappy trip quilt!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hurray! A finished quilt!  Fortunately, it's been a little cooler up here in Osoyoos so I was able to finish up the binding on this quilt!  In an effort to use up some of my scraps, which incidentally are becoming completely out of control, I once again grabbed my Ann Kelle prints and made this little quilt...
I love how this turned out!  I started making blocks with no real plan in mind (as usual)! I ended up putting them together with Kona white for the sashing. I love how the colours pop against the white and how the blocks look like they are floating! Unfortunately, I managed to make only a tiny dent in my scraps!
With cooler temperatures forecasted for today, perhaps I can get another one finished! It's normally way too hot up here to sit with a quilt on my lap.
Nothing to do with quilting...but here's a photo I took a few nights ago!  I'm really pleased with this picture - I think I'm finally getting the hang of my camera!

Pretty, isn't it!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello everyone...I'm back!
I'm posting from beautiful and HOT Osoyoos, BC.  We're back for our annual vacation! 

This week's new thing had to be something easy and portable!  For the longest time I have wanted to own a vintage quilt.  I've come across a few but they were either too damaged, not for sale, or too expensive!  And then I thought...why not make my own!!! On a recent road trip I stumbled upon a fabulous quilt shop in Kamloops.  In the shop was the most beautiful pickle dish quilt made with feedsack fabrics!  Unfortunately, it wasn't for sale. I fell in love with it and it's become an obsession!  The wonderful lady in the shop asked me if I had ever done English paper piecing. I said no, but I wanted to try it!  She gave me a little kit with papers, fabric squares, and instructions.  I pulled it out last night (after it cooled down and before the mosquitoes came out) and made these...

Seven little hexagons to be made into a flower!
I have to say though...I didn't follow the instructions that came in the little kit. Instead, I used the method described in this book which I had ordered a few weeks ago...

This book is wonderful. The author takes you through all the steps of EPP. There many great projects in the book ranging from very simple (a tiny sewing kit or hexagon pillow) to more complicated designs including several quilts!  My first project is going to be a hexagon pillow! I can see why this book is called 'Quilting on the Go.' EPP is definitely a great take-along project!
Also...I wanted to share a picture of the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen!  We had a bit of a rainstorm here a few nights ago.  When the clouds began to clear a double rainbow formed across the lake. I think this is the first time I have ever seen the end of a rainbow!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Week 26!  Halfway there!!!! I actually think I might be a week ahead - I may just have to give myself a week off! This week I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try a scrappy trip around the world block! I pulled out my box of feedsack fabrics (I find myself lately going back to these fabrics over and over), cut my strips, and put this block together...

Oh, this was a fun block to make!  I see a baby quilt made with these although I would love to make a larger one for myself!  I guess I will have to add that to the quilts already on my list!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A few months ago I took a cake decorating course! It was great and I learned A LOT!  In fact, I can finally frost a cake without it looking like a 4-year-old did it! I learned lots of tips and tricks - especially how to avoid getting crumbs in the buttercream!
I decided to expand on my skills and give gum paste a try!  I bought a package of ready-made gum paste at Michael's, rolled it out and cut out tons of little flowers!  It rolled out perfectly and was overall very easy to work with!  Here's my finished cake...

I'm pretty pleased with the results!  This was made for my SIL for her birthday dinner!  The inside was a 3-layer vanilla cake.  It is covered in buttercream and I piped tiny little dots of yellow buttercream in the centre of each flower!  Despite the gum paste being so easy to work with, I don't think I will use it again. These little flowers were hard as rocks!  I took them off the cake before I cut it and after I took tons of a few pictures! Next time I'm going to give fondant a try.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This week, again, is something that's been on my list for ages!  I love tomatoes...but I find they just don't taste the same - a little plastic-y in my opinion.  I miss those giant tomatoes my mom used to buy that tasted so incredible! So...I've decided to grow some of my own...
This guy started out pretty tiny - about 4 inches tall...I wish I had a picture to show you!  He's doing great so far with a little TLC from my husband! As much as I dread it, he needs a blast of sunny hot weather to make him grow nice and big!  Unfortunately, he has to live in our underground parkade for a few days while our deck is being cleaned! I can't wait to bite into a big, fat, juicy tomato in a few months (fingers crossed)!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Hurray!  A finished quilt...finally. Once again I find myself falling into my old habit of starting lots of new things and never actually finishing anything!  I'm happy to show you this finished quilt...

I think this is my third or fourth quilt using Ann Kelle prints!  I just love them and keep adding them to my stash.  I love how they all coordinate and the colours are great!  These blocks are huge - I think they finish at 12 inches so they come together really quickly. I quilted it in a boxy stippling which is my new favourite! 
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Here's yet another project I can cross off my list.  I've been wanting to make a patchwork pillow for my new chair in my sewing room! I have tons quite a bit of feedsack fabrics which I absolutely love.  I went through my stash and picked out all the prints with little animals for my pillow. Here's the finished product...

It looks much bigger than it actually's about 15 x 10 inches. Other than the fabric, I started this with no real plan in mind, but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  You can't see it, but I actually machine stitched the binding as opposed to finishing it by hand. I thought this might be a little more secure as I made an envelope enclosure with Kona Snow as opposed to installing a zipper. I even made my own custom insert with muslin as I love a really 'stuffed' pillow.  Every time I work with these vintage repro fabrics I realize how much I love them and how I should bring them out more often.  I have been adding to my stash of them for years, probably since I first started quilting! There is such a great variety and I love the sweet prints and colours!  I'm in love with my little pillow and will definitely be making more!

Monday, May 27, 2013

One New Thing Week 22!

Baking with rhubarb!  We recently signed up for a weekly delivery of local organic produce.  Our first delivery arrived a few days ago which included several stalks of rhubarb (along with a slug - yuck)!  I don't think I've had rhubarb since I was a kid and picked it out of our neighbour's yard!  I've never forgotten the taste, though! I remember biting into the crispy stalks and the sweet, tart taste - it was delicious!  Here's our rhubarb...

These stalks were pretty thin and quite tough so I had to do a bit of peeling.
I searched the Internet for recipes and decided on rhubarb mini loaves...
Aren't they cute!  My husband ate one before I managed to get a picture.  They tasted great, although not very rhubarb-y! If I make these again I will toss in a few strawberries!
Recipe here!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This week's new thing is something I came across on Pinterest and decided to give it a try - oven-dried strawberries!  I've been buying tons lately - they are sooooo delicious and good for me, too!  Tons of vitamin C and not too many calories! A quick Internet search revealed quite a few different methods with regard to slicing, quartering, oven temperature, length of time, etc.  I just decided to slice mine and let them sit in a 200 degree oven for about three hours turning them once.  Here's what they looked like after coming out of the oven...

They tasted okay and I can see how they would make a healthy treat! I'm going to give this another try - this time cutting them in quarters and giving them more time in the oven.
In other news, guess what I got...

Direct from London, UK!

Some family members were travelling to England a few weeks ago.  I just happened to mention that if they just happened to be near the Liberty store to pick me up some fabric...

I got a phone call one morning from my SIL saying she was in the Liberty store and to tell her what I would like!  After I collected myself I gave her a few guidelines.  This is what she picked out for me...

Isn't it pretty!  I just love it! I have a project in mind but I think I need more time just to stare at it.  Oh, it's going to be hard to take my rotary cutter to this. Some fabric just isn't meant to be cut up (in my opinion)!  I've been dying to get my hands on some of this fabric.  I think it is so pretty and the colours are fabulous! Thank you, Jeanette!  You hit the nail on the head!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I'm a few days late...but I managed to get my new thing done for this week!  I've been wanting for ages a while to make a little thread catcher for my sewing room!  I came across a pattern here so gave it a try!  Here's the finished product...

The picture is a little blurry but you get the idea!  I think it turned out pretty good. The pattern is well written and easy to follow with lots of different finishing options. I chose to use linen with a little strip of patchwork.  The pattern calls for Essex linen. I wasn't sure what that was so I just bought regular linen and used my favourite colour for the lining!  I love trying out these little sewing projects - they're great for sharpening my sewing skills which I seriously lack!
In quilting news, I decided I couldn't wait to get Allison's new book so I downloaded the e-book version to my Kobo (that's a Canadian version of Kindle)! I wasn't sure I would like having a quilt book in an electronic format as I LOVE flipping through quilt books but it's great.  There is even an option to print the patterns! Anyway, her quilts are adorable and I want to make every one in the book!  I managed to get started on one a few days ago...
These little blocks are so cute and were fun to make.  Hopefully I will have the top finished this week so I can give you a little peek!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Due to time constraints, this week's new thing needed to be something quick!
I have wanted to try a flourless chocolate cake recipe for ages. I don't have a gluten allergy (thank goodness), but I've been intrigued for quite some time with the idea of a cake made without flour.  A quick Google search revealed tons of recipes - some simple and some more complicated, but I decided on this one.
Let me just say, this is the.most.delicious.thing I have ever made.  I'm kind of embarrassed to show you a picture - I should have taken it before I cut into it because once I started eating it I couldn't stop...
Looking at this photo, I think I went overboard with the powdered sugar!
Anyhow, this cake came together so quickly - probably about ten minutes.  While the chocolate and butter were melting I put together the other ingredients and assembled the batter, dumped it into the pan and 30 minutes later voila! It baked up perfectly and popped right out of the pan with no sticking!This would be the perfect thing to make as a last-minute dessert.  Except for the chocolate, all the ingredients are items normally kept on hand - just the kind of recipe I like!  The consistency is definitely different from a regular chocolate cake, but I loved the texture and the chocolate flavour was fabulous!  This will definitely be one of my go-to recipes and I urge you to give it a try - even if you're not a chocolate-lover like me!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hurray! Another finish! I've been feeling a little guilty as I've amassed quite a pile of tops patiently waiting in line to be quilted and I need to make a dent in those before I start anything new (yeah, right)!  Anyway, I finished up my rail fence quilt this afternoon (see this post)! I'm really pleased with the way this turned out, although I did struggle over the binding for ages a little while...
In the end I settled on a soft yellow with tiny flowers which I found in my stash! 
 I'm not sure if I like the front or back of this quilt better...
I think this print is so pretty and I wish I had more!
I've always loved rail fence quilts.  I haven't made one for quite a while - it's nice to return to a classic pattern every now and then!  I have an idea percolating in my head for another one.  But first...back to those tops!
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Have a great weekend!
(Quilt Stats:  The Sweetest Thing by Riley Blake.  21 2 1/2 inch strips for a total of 42 blocks with a 6 x 7 block layout.)

Sunday, April 28, 2013


This week I've been able to cross off another project on my list - a triangle quilt!  I picked up a 60 degree triangle ruler at Joann's a few months ago on a quick trip across the line (as we say here in Vancouver)! I decided on the size and cut a nice little pile of triangles...
They remind me of cotton candy!

Doing the layout for this quilt took me FOREVER!  I have a small design wall which I normally use but ended up doing this on the floor as it was a bit too big.  After laying out the triangles I sewed the rows together.  I was then able to lay them out on my design wall...
Pretty, isn't it! Fortunately, I numbered the rows because a little while ago I heard an "uh-oh" from my husband as he passed by my sewing room.  I went to have a look and discovered this...
I'm pretty sure I know how this happened...
That's the last time I leave the door open! Lesson learned.
If you're interested, I cut 135 60 degree triangles from 5 inch WOF strips for 9 rows of 15 triangles - this should give me a baby quilt about 35 x 40 inches (I think)!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been a busy week, but I managed to finish up a little project that has been sitting on my cutting table for a few weeks! I'm so crazy about Ann Kelle prints!  I can't get enough of them! I picked up a meter of Woodland Pals at my LQS shop and a coordinating tiny polka dot and whipped up this wholecloth baby quilt and matching onesie!
These prints are just too darn cute to cut up!! I love making these little wholecloth quilts!  They are a fast and easy project and a great way to practice FMQ!
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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


This week I decided to tackle (and complete) this adorable little top for my friend's baby girl! I downloaded the pattern which was a reasonable $6.00 - far less than commercial patterns bought at the fabric store which I believe are around $15.00!  Yikes - seems like a lot to me! Growing up, my mom made most of my clothes - and they were beautiful! I can still remember her making me stand on a dining room chair while she held up pattern pieces against me and making alterations and holding my breath I wouldn't get poked by a pin. She kept her sewing machine in my bedroom and I remember her sewing away at the machine at nighttime while I was trying to sleep. It was a Singer slant needle in a beautiful walnut table. I think my dad must have bought it for her and I'm sure at the time it was quite the machine.  As I got older, I sewed a few things, mostly for home ec.  I never really had great results and kind of gave up trying to sew things for myself.  I wasn't really interested in having my mom teach me how to sew and now it's too late...
A while ago I decided to give garment sewing another go!  I've taken a few classes but mostly just have a pile of few unfinished projects that I'm not really happy with.  And then I thought perhaps if I tried some smaller projects I might gain some experience. When I found the pattern for the little blouse I thought it would be a perfect project to start with.  Here's the finished product...
I'm really pleased with how this turned out!  The pattern was pretty good...if I didn't have any quilting or sewing experience I think might have had some trouble!  The instructions were pretty clear for the most part but there were a few areas that could have used a little more explanation!  Making this little blouse has given me the confidence to go ahead with some bigger projects!
In quilting news, nothing new to show you this week.  I seem to have fallen into that dangerous trap of spending lots of time in my sewing room but not finishing anything. I have too many projects on the go (which is so easy to do) and too many ideas in my head.  I need to get back to focusing on one thing at a time and getting it completed. On the other's just too much fun starting new things!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


A Tisket, a tasket...!  Sorry...hope that doesn't get stuck in your head.  I'm not even sure of the rest of the words!
Anyway, for this week's new thing I decided to tackle something that has been in the back of my mind for ages! A basket quilt - a modern one like a few I've seen popping up here and there in the blogging world. I checked this book out of the library again (I think this is my third time - perhaps I should just buy a copy)!

Without a little quilting experience, I think these basket blocks would be really challenging.  I decided to make up a test block...
I was pretty sure that handle was going to give me trouble...and it did!  After a few trials I managed to get it done and I think the block turned out pretty good.  I loved making this little block, even though it took ages a while! I love free-piecing without worrying about precise cutting or matching seams!   I'm planning on a small baby quilt with these blocks. This project is moving to the top of my list (okay, as soon as I finish that !#$%& star quilt)!