Thursday, July 28, 2016


Just what I need...more fabric! I seriously can't help myself. I admit it...I have no control when it comes to fabric. Just when I think I've got things under control, this happens...

I couldn't resist these vintage fabrics...and, of course, I had to throw in a little Cotton and Steel.

If you happen to be in the Penticton area, be sure to drop in to Poppin's Quilt Parlour, one of my favourite quilt shops in BC, and well worth a visit.  They have a wonderful variety of fabric, notions, and patterns, and a great staff, too!

Finally, I couldn't resist this gorgeous Denyse Schmidt  Eastham Jelly Roll. I think Stewart likes it, too!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My travels are over for now and it's time for some serious sewing!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pretty Patchwork!

Oh the joys of simple patchwork! How often I forget the pleasure in putting together patchwork quilts.  I spend so much time looking at patterns, pulling fabrics, making test blocks, studying quilts online, etc., that I miss out on the enjoyment of just sewing and making quilts. To that end, here is a pretty patchwork quilt made with 4 inch squares (cut at 4 1/2 inches)...

I think the backing is the prettiest fabric I have ever found...

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Have a great weekend.
Now...onto those Y-seams!

Friday, April 1, 2016


Oh it feels good to finish things up, doesn't it?  This cute little quilt had been waiting for it's turn for so long...
I had a pile of odd-sized pieces of Out to Sea left over from two previous quilts and was determined to eke out another one!  It took a while - lots of moving things around and trimming - but in the end I'm really pleased with the results.  I do love Sarah Jane fabric so!
I'm slowly making my way through my WIPs and it feels sooooo good! This one will be hard to part with but it's headed to the shop!
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Happy April Fool's Day!

Friday, March 4, 2016


It's been a while...but I actually finished a quilt!  In my own defence, the 440 was in the hospital for an extended stay while having a very expensive part replaced.  She's recuperating at home and we're getting to know each other all over again! (As a side note...don't put off having your machine serviced.  I learned the hard way)! Anyway, here's the finished quilt...

I couldn't resist ordering a FQ bundle of Paperie (despite our crashing Canadian dollar). This has got to be some of the sweetest fabric I have ever bought.  This quilt was made with my go-to pattern - what I call a simple 3-patch.  (If you would like the block instructions send me an email!) I had enough bits and pieces left over to cobble together another top which isn't quite done but I will post a picture - promise! It feels great to be back in the saddle again!
I will leave you with this adorable picture of my big guy watching me sew...
The machine you see is my new Janome! While I don't normally name my sewing machines, I'm calling her Janet! I broke down a bought a little machine for the dining room table.  Sometimes I feel isolated in my little sewing room!
Have a great weekend!
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