Friday, February 24, 2017


When I first started quilting...I guess it's been around ten years now...I can remember feeling daunted by all the fabric choices out there.  I loved looking at what other quilters were making...and still do...but never really believed I would be able to put random fabric prints together to make the fabulous quilts I would see and love online.  It took a while but I found myself putting together fabric groupings that I was really loving.  I felt like I was finally able to break out of the habit of buying a bundle of fabric from the same line to make quilts...which I still do...but I really started to love the creativity of putting fabric together.  When first buying fabric I would often feel overwhelmed by all the choices...what to buy...what was my personal style...what fabric would work with what I already have at home. In time I realized that if I just bought fabric that I really loved it would all work...and it has (in my opinion)!

Having said all that...I have recently been purchasing fabric here!  This great Canadian online shop has the cutest curated well as yardage. 

Here is my latest finish from one of their bundles...

I just love how all these prints work together...the soft salmony  pink and gray, and the pop of orange of navy!
I am also really enjoying not following a pattern...just cutting fabric and putting it back together.

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Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Another Finish!

I think I'm on a roll here...which is a good thing!  I had finished up this cute little patchwork quilt top ages quite a while ago but was completely stumped as to how to quilt it...

I didn't want to go with my traditional meandering, and straight lines seemed a bit boring.  In the end I came up with a design of slightly wavy lines with leaves interspersed, which I used every second row of quilting with plain wavy lines in between.  Here's a close-up...

I think it turned out pretty good. You can still see all the cute prints without the quilting being too distracting! Coming up with a quilt design was a little challenging with this fabric (Tiger Lily). There are so many directional prints. In the end I decided to do just random patchwork which I really like and I think worked out well. 
How do you quilt your modern quilts? 
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Have a great weekend.