Friday, October 4, 2013


Have you ever started making a quilt completely unsure how it will turn out? Me?  Never!!! (Kidding!) This was the case with this quilt...

I found myself with one Googlies fat quarter with no idea what to do with it!  I was about to cut it up for bibs, but then had a brainstorm - Road Trip! I managed to find quite a few coordinating prints from my somewhat limited stash and whipped up this quilt in pretty short order! I rarely make multiple quilts from the same pattern, but I'm a huge fan of the Road Trip quilt pattern and have made several (a huge thanks to Allison for such a great pattern and tutorial)! Anyway, this quilt has turned about to be one of my all-time favourites!
 I also quickly put this scaled down version together...
Same pattern but the pieces were cut slightly smaller!  This one finished at about 32 x 26 inches. I know I promised no more tops (see previous post) but old habits die hard don't they!
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  1. Your quilts are so pretty. I especially love the second since it has lots of purple which is my favourite colour.

  2. Oh thank you! I'm starting to introduce purple into my colour palette and I'm really liking it!

  3. Loove the oranges and blues together in your first quilt!!! A very fun finish! Visiting from "Finish it up Friday' and hey - guess what? We live in the same 'neck of the woods', I am from Maple Ridge. New follower!!!

  4. Thanks! Had a quick peak at your blog - your quilts are gorgeous and so beautifully made. Thanks for becoming a follower!