Monday, May 27, 2013

One New Thing Week 22!

Baking with rhubarb!  We recently signed up for a weekly delivery of local organic produce.  Our first delivery arrived a few days ago which included several stalks of rhubarb (along with a slug - yuck)!  I don't think I've had rhubarb since I was a kid and picked it out of our neighbour's yard!  I've never forgotten the taste, though! I remember biting into the crispy stalks and the sweet, tart taste - it was delicious!  Here's our rhubarb...

These stalks were pretty thin and quite tough so I had to do a bit of peeling.
I searched the Internet for recipes and decided on rhubarb mini loaves...
Aren't they cute!  My husband ate one before I managed to get a picture.  They tasted great, although not very rhubarb-y! If I make these again I will toss in a few strawberries!
Recipe here!

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