Sunday, February 3, 2013


So...This week I decided to try out a tutorial I have looked at a zillion many times! I finally got frustrated enough with my earbud wires getting tangled and getting lost in my I made this!

Isn't it cute!  It's certainly not perfect and I had a few minor issues putting it together.  I'm just glad I won't have to fight with my earbud wires any more!  Tutorial can be found here!

And, I managed to get started on another quilt this week!  Now, I know there are different ways of making half square triangles.  I have always used the method of cutting squares, drawing diagonal lines, sewing on each side of the line and cutting them apart. I find this process almost unbearably tedious and I just haven't had much success with this method!  I seem to have a lot of trouble getting nice sharp points.  This time, I decided just to cut my squares in half and not worry about the bias edges everyone goes on about. Here's my pile of cut fabric...

After sewing the triangles together and tons of a little trimming...I ended up with this nice little pile of (accurate) finished squares.

When it came time to sewing these together I had a much easier time getting nice sharp points. Here's a little peak of the finished top!

I'm really happy with the way this turned out.  I love how the colours pop against the white fabric. I can't wait to get this one finished. The backing is going to be the green polka dot fabric! This quilt made a serious dent in my Ann Kelle fabrics. Time to restock!  I love them so! (And, for anyone interested, I started with 5 inch squares cut in half diagonally and trimmed the finished squares down to 4.5 inches.  I needed 90 squares total - that's 45 white and 45 print squares cut in half diagonally [I think - I never seem to get the math right with HST's])!

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