Sunday, January 20, 2013


How's that for a long title! First up, here's my new thing for the week...Blueberry Oat Quick Bread.

I've had this recipe in my favourites for probably over a year!  It came together quickly and tastes delicious (I had a tiny slice just to make sure)! This recipe is definitely a keeper!

And...because this is really a blog about quilting, here's an almost finish...

I managed to get the binding sewn on today and just need to hand stitch it to the back.  I love how this one turned out.  This is the second snowball quilt I've made. I must admit...I don't really enjoy the process. It's a tad bit tedious and the quilting is a little challenging with all those seams! I do love the end result, though. Can't wait to see this one all crinkly out of the dryer!

I also managed to get a few more of these completed...

It's no secret that I'm not really crazy about big blocks! These ones actually measure about 12 inches! I have to say...these have been fun to make and are so quick. I only need to make nine to make a decent-sized baby quilt!  I made a quilt like this previously (I blogged about it back in October) and sold it at a Christmas craft fair a few months ago and I've been wanting to make another one similar to it.  I finished another block this afternoon - four more to go! I have a coordinating green polka dot for the back and I'm going to do the "organic boxy meandering" I did on the last one.

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