Friday, September 25, 2015


That one word pretty much sums up how I feel about this quilt! It was so much fun reaching into my huge scrap bin and pulling out little pieces of fabric at random and trying to remember when I bought the fabric and what I made with it.
Of course, this quilt pattern was designed by none other than Amanda Jean, who has been a HUGE inspiration to me since my very early quilting days.  She was the one who made me realize it was okay to just 'go for it' and that I didn't necessarily have to be limited by pattern and colour.
It has been an interesting process watching my quilting journey evolve over the years.  For so long, my quilts were inspired by the contrast of colour against, I seem to want colour, colour, colour! Let's see where my journey takes me!
If you're interested in whipping up one of these, the pattern can be found here... 

(This is the March/April 2013 issue.)

My quilt is a smaller version and measures about 36 x 42 inches. Perhaps it's time for an adult version.
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Have a great weekend everyone!

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