Sunday, March 10, 2013


This week I'm determined to master something that has been on my list pretty much since I started quilting about seven years ago!  Wait for's hand quilting!  I love the look of vintage quilts with hand quilting.  I've tried before - not very successfully - but I'm determined.  I've bought books, borrowed books, watched tutorials, etc.  It wasn't until I found a tutorial from this website that I felt ready to try again! While watching her video, which is really well done, I had a lightbulb moment and I feel ready to give it another go.  I thought it might be a good idea to try it out on a smaller project so I whipped up this...
I can't seem to get enough of these granny squares lately.  I thought this might make a cute little 'mug rug' for my new sewing room. (Sorry, no pictures yet...but I promise! I'm still tweaking things a bit!) I bought this fabric years ago on a trip to Seattle. I made a sweet little quilt with it and have been saving the leftovers for something special!  I backed it with Kona snow so I'll be able to see my stitches easily to see how I'm doing!  I basted it with thread and used bamboo batting.  I'm going to try it sans hoop!  I've seen hand quilting done with and without a hoop and I'd like to see how I do without a hoop to start off.  I had an incredibly busy week so I didn't get a chance to actually start on the quilting!  I hope to get a chance in the next day or two and will post pictures of my progress. Wish me luck!!!
Also, is anyone in the market for a tabbie cat...I have one free to a good home!
Just kidding!  This guy is forever lurking about in my sewing room.  As soon as I open the door, in he goes.  I actually enjoy the company (most of the time)!  He usually sits on my cutting table and watches me sew!  He also likes to go where I can't reach him. He often goes in behind my WIPs hanging on my quilt ladder (like in this picture)! It's funny how they know how to stay just out of reach.  He's napping on the ironing board right now - his favourite spot! He knows he's not allowed in there unsupervised but sometimes I give in!

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