Friday, October 12, 2012


What to do with a piece of fabric too cute to cut up...Make one of these...
A whole cloth baby quilt!  This print is so cute I just couldn't bear to cut into it! I also tried a new binding method...

This is the first time I have machine-stitched the binding.  I found quite a few tutorials with different methods but ended up using the one I found here. It was a bit fiddly but I like the fact that the stitching is so secure and the quilt can stand up to many washings!  I'll definitely be doing this again with this adorable fabric...
Another Alexander Henry print - Flea Market Friends!  Isn't it sweet.
This was purchased in Bellingham yesterday along with this...
I see a little pouch made from this!
I'm linking up (again) with Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday (wow, two weeks in a row)!


  1. I agree, a whole cloth quilt was the perfect choice for that fabric. very lovely :)

  2. Oh, thanks! I probably should have taken a better picture so more of the print showed!

  3. Wow! The machine stitched binding looks great! I've yet to try it, but the speed of it is tantalizing. Cute print!

  4. Thanks! I just love Alexander Henry prints - way too cute to cut up! I'm always drawn to them.