Sunday, June 24, 2012

Resistance is Futile!

I caved...

When I first started quilting, I'm pretty sure Flea Market Fancy wasn't available, or at least only at astronomical prices on Ebay or Etsy!  I liked it and thought how great it would be to have a quilt made with it!  When I heard that it was being re-released I was pretty excited realizing I might actally be able to get some of this great fabric and make myself a quilt! excitement waned a little. You know how it goes... forbidden fruit! In the end I gave in and decided to take the plunge!
I actually got this from a Canadian online shop - Mad About Patchwork. I figured it was time to spread the wealth in my own country.  My order was perfect and arrived pretty quick. In fact, I paid regular shipping and for some reason was upgraded to expedited at considerable cost to the seller!  I got the entire line in FQ plus some yardage to make a little baby quilt plus one for ME!!!!!  I'm looking at patterns but may just stay with simple patchwork. I can't wait to cut into this great fabric!

In other news, I've been working with this...

Isn't it pretty!  It's Bella Butterfly!  I ordered this quite a while ago and was waiting until I found the perfect pattern. The prints are so gorgeous and I didn't want to cut them into small pieces.  I found a great pattern I already had on hand.  Here it is all cut up...

I think this one is going to come together pretty quick!  I'll post a picture of the top when it's done!

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