Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I got my first custom order in my shop for a Darla baby quilt that I had previously sold. Fortunately, I had JUST enough fabric to make another. This little quilt is on it's way to the buyer. I love this fabric and I think I made four or five baby quilts from it! It's hard to say goodbye to her! She was definitely a favourite. Oh well, on to other things...

I finished my Heather Ross scappy log cabin blocks. I haven't quite decided what to do for the backing, but I have a few ideas. In the meantime, onto these...

Fifi and Fido! I spotted this fabric on my last trip to the States. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and managed to find it on Etsy. I've had it for a while and couldn't quite make up my mind what I wanted to make. I finally have a few ideas! They're having their bath right now in preparation for a good pressing and then a session with the rotary cutter!

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  1. Your Heather Ross quilt is going to be gorgeous! Good on your for cutting into them. I'm enjoying my baby's Heather Ross quilt everytime I snuggle her in it!