Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm not sure I can let this one go...I love it so!!! This is the first time I've ever done FMQ with anything but white (or off white) thread! I was feeling pretty brave...so I went with GRAY! I think it looks pretty good (even though it doesn't show up too well in this photo)! This quilt is a little larger than most quilts I make and I have to thank my wonderful SIL Jeanette for helping me with such a great job with the basting. I truly think it is the key to successful FMQ. Thanks again, Jeanette! Anyway, I think I'm ready to part with it so I will list it in my shop! I had enough fabric left for some more blocks so I got started on these...

I've fallen in love...with making improv blocks. At least these are what I call improv. I love just grabbing fabrics from a pile of strips and squares and not needing to worry about matching seams or pre-cutting to exact size needed, etc. This type of block construction necessitates lots of trips to the ironing board. Not having to use pins (I hate pins) is worth it. Anyway, I had enough fabric left over to squeak out enough blocks for a smaller quilt (with lots of white sashing thrown in). I'm hoping to get this one finished up this WE (are you available for basting, Jeanette)!!!


  1. I'm so envious of your talent! I look forward to when Jacc & Bobby start having babies (though, hopefully not for a few more years yet!) - I'll definitely be coming to you and Jeanette for baby quilts! By the way, Shannon reminded me that you've started school. I'm a nail biter, so I'd love to be your "model" if you need to practice some gel or acrylic work! It would be nice to have pretty nails for once!

  2. I don't think I could let it go either - it's GORGEOUS!!!