Sunday, August 22, 2010


Finally, some finished projects!

A sweet little coin quilt - I LOVE coin quilts! and pink and brown!

I call this my "ultra-modern" baby quilt - from a pattern by Kate Conklin. Would I make this again, probably not, but I loved the process. Check out the back below - my most favourite fabric EVER!

Here it is in more detail. It's going to go on the back of this, too...

Baby log cabin made entirely from scraps. I'm trying to be a little more bold with fabric choices. I'm trying to get away from buying "a line" of fabric and doing the mix and match thing, which I think makes for more interesting quilts. I'm beginning to enjoy the challenge of starting with a fabric I love and adding to it.

I think I've got my mojo back!!! (Thanks to my husband for help with the photoshoot!)

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